All devices on the Web are identified by a specific number called an IP address, for instance When you have a site, the domain name that you type to be able to open it is for your convenience, but the server where the site files are still has an IP address. Due to the fact that there are many more websites and devices than there are IPs, all shared hosting servers have a number of sites under the same IP, whereas using a dedicated server you'll be given a dedicated IP too. Even in the first case though, you're able to get a dedicated IP for your websites and host them on a shared server. An advantage would be that you may have far better search engine rankings since a dedicated IP usually means a quicker loading site. Last but not least, you need such an IP when you would like to purchase an SSL certificate for your website and protect the data that your visitors submit on it.

Dedicated IP Address in Website Hosting

With a website hosting account on our cloud platform, you will be able to obtain a dedicated IP and assign it to any domain or subdomain with several clicks regardless of where your account is - in the US, the United Kingdom or Australia. This can be done through the Hosted Domains section of our intuitive and user-friendly Hepsia Control Panel where you can also keep track of what IPs are available, what are in use and what sites they're assigned to. If you would like to use an SSL certificate so as to secure the information of your visitors and you acquire it through us, our system will assign a dedicated IP and install the SSL for you, so you will not be required to anything manually on your end. In the meantime, you may still have a site in a subdomain as an add-on to the main one under a shared IP - a community forum where users can share thoughts and opinions about your services, for example.

Dedicated IP Address in Semi-dedicated Hosting

When you have a semi-dedicated server account, adding a new dedicated IP address takes only a few clicks. Our Hepsia Control Panel is very simple and intuitive to use, so even when you have not had a website hosting account previously, you will not encounter any kind of difficulties to obtain and assign a dedicated IP address. Any domain or subdomain inside the account can use its own IP address in place of the server's shared one and you're able to make this change from the Hosted Domains section, where you'll also view all IPs that your websites can use and if a dedicated IP is free or you are already using it. If you wish to have an IP for an SSL certificate, we have an SSL order instrument through which you're able to select everything to be installed automatically. Using this feature, our system will change the IP of the desired domain/subdomain to a dedicated one and it'll set up your certificate in a couple of minutes, so you won't have to do anything on your end apart from approving your SSL order via e-mail.

Dedicated IP Address in VPS

In case you purchase a virtual private server from our company, you will receive one dedicated IP address automatically and an extra one if you acquire a hosting Control Panel (Hepsia, cPanel, DirectAdmin). You are able to use the IPs for any kind of purpose - a site, some web app such as a VOIP server, even for private name servers that you'll be able to use to point to your VPS any website which you would like to host. Also, you can add extra dedicated IP addresses to the VPS account if you need them. You can do this from the billing Control Panel that you'll get in order to take care of renewals, upgrade purchases and domain name registrations and it takes no more than a few clicks. Soon after you upload your order, the added IP addresses will be at your disposal, so you will be able to use them as you see fit.

Dedicated IP Address in Dedicated Hosting

Considering that you're able to run almost anything on a dedicated server, all our packages come with three dedicated IP addresses included as standard. In case you need to launch some server software or to install an SSL certificate for a site that you host on the machine, you will be able to use the IPs which we provide you with free of charge. In addition, you can register child name servers with one or two of the IPs for any domain name that you've registered through us or elsewhere then employ them to direct other domains to the dedicated server. When you have a website hosting company, for instance, this option will contribute to your credibility as a standalone service provider. In case you need more IP addresses than the three our plans provide you with, you can buy additional ones in increments of three either throughout the registration process or from your billing Control Panel any time.