All arithmetical and logical functions in a computer/server configuration are addressed by its Central Processing Unit, or CPU. This hardware element is usually called the "brains" of the PC as well. The rate at which the CPU completes system instructions is typically referred to as its speed which is measured in Hertz. The faster the processing unit is, the quicker scripts and web applications shall be executed, although the efficiency of the latter depends on other things as well - the read/write speed of the hard drive, the amount of physical memory, the network connectivity, and so on. All new CPUs have multiple cores, that work together. Because of this, the overall performance and the workload which a CPU can take care of increase, since each and every core can process several tasks independently and numerous cores can handle 1 task that can't be processed by a single core.

CPU Share in VPS

The CPU speeds offered by our Linux VPS packages vary considerably and you can choose the VPS with the most suitable resources for your sites. If you need a VPS for just one Internet site that does not have lots of visitors, for example, you can acquire a low-end plan, that'll also be less expensive when compared to the high-end packages that come with massive CPU quotas and that could easily match a dedicated server. We create just a few VPS accounts on highly effective servers with 16-core processors, so the CPU share which you will get with your new plan shall be guaranteed at all times and the performance of your server won't be affected by other virtual accounts on the exact same physical server. Upgrading from one plan to another takes a couple of mouse clicks via the billing CP and the extra CPU share shall be allocated to your account immediately.

CPU Share in Dedicated Hosting

Our dedicated server plans offer a variety of hardware configurations, so, based on what you need the web server for and on your budget, you can pick the suitable one for you. Apart from the various RAM and disk space allocations, each and every package deal provides different CPU shares too. The CPUs which we offer have 2-12 cores, so you are able to select the plan which will match your requirements best. With the most powerful plan, every single application that you run on the hosting server shall run extremely quick regardless of what resources it needs and no matter how many people are using it all at once, but even the lower-end plans are suitable for most types of Internet sites. The performance of the CPUs is tested together with all the other hardware parts, in order to ensure that the web server which we will hand over to you shall work faultlessly and at 100% capacity all the time.