Provide your site a boost by using a USA Based Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting Package

Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting are really a crossbreed service. They represent a exclusive blend involving the power of a dedicated servers hosting package and also the user–friendliness of a regular website hosting account. By using a semi–dedicated server, you will not have root access to the server, yet you also will not have to address any kind of server management responsibilities. Plus you’ll be able to manage everything with the help of our own Web Site Control Panel.

To be able to offer you this kind of advanced web hosting solution, we also require assistance of a top–tier data center at which we are able to set up our custom cloud infrastructure. This is the reason we selected our USA datacenter for being the home of our semi–dedicated servers.

The USA datacenter is found in downtown Chicago. It’s directly linked with the majority of the top–tier Internet companies in the USA, providing fantastic online connectivity for all your sites hosted there. Also, because of the specific infrastructure we’ve got put together there, we will assure you a 99.9% network uptime.

Using the joined power of our cloud hosting platform and our data centre, our USA Based Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting Packages are the ideal option for your next website.

Other US Hosting Services

Our USA datacenter is also home of a few other web hosting services in addition to our USA based semi–dedicated servers. We provide cloud hosting packages using an unparalleled cloud hosting platform. Every USA Based Website Hosting package features a net domain name for just $15.50 and limitless disk space and traffic allocations. Additionally, you can choose our USA Based Linux VPS Packages, which are based on NVMes offering unbeatable file access speeds. You could go with a USA Based Linux Dedicated Servers Hosting Packages – the very best web hosting solution if you have a live video streaming website or a CPU hungry web application.